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Pogi's Pet Supplies - 300 Handle Bags - Powder Fresh Scent

$159 $168

Always be prepared on your dog walks with Pogi’s Poop Bags with Easy-Tie Handles. Because while your neighbors might love a friendly visit from your pooch, they don’t love what he leaves behind—and so the handy poop bags allow you to easily clean it up. Made to be totally earth-friendly using EPI technology, the biodegradable bags break down in as little as 18 months, allowing you to lessen your carbon footprint. Plus, they feature an easy-tie handle, which allows you to quickly and cleanly tie off the bag, and keep the mess inside where it belongs.

Key Benefits

  • Earth-friendly, EPI technology allows the biodegradable bags to break down in as little as 18 months.
  • Cardboard cores and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials.
  • Extra-large bag measures 7 x 14.5 inches with a leak-proof, thick design that can hold up to big dogs.
  • Also great for cat owners to use for litter box cleanup.
  • Easy-tie handles are roll-free make cleaning up easier for pet parents.

HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Keep out of the reach of children.

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