Organic Detox+ Tea (Australia | 60g | Caffeine Free)


This blend is recommended for a full internal body and liver detoxification. Detox+ Tea has been specifically designed in supporting liver detox; cleaning blood and lymphatic system; fluid retention; inefficient bowel elimination (mild laxative); impriving digestion and inflammation.

Ingredients: Peppermint, Dandelion, Lemon, Milk Thistle, Wormwood, Eucalyptus.

Lemon: Contains a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Used as a skin tonic with anti- aging property.
Dandelion: An ingredient for liver cleanse, promotes cell rejuvenation and it also alkalizes internal body system. A slightly bitter herb that can assist kidney and liver function. It may help to reduce fluid retention and uric acid levels, has a mild laxative effect and may help with the digestion and breakdown of fats.
Milk Thistle: It helps repair liver from detriment use of alcohol; it increases protein synthesis in the liver. The active flavones in the herb helps to neutralize free radical attacks in the body.
Wormwood: It stimulates digestion and appetite, enhance resistance to infection.
Peppermint: Commonly used to ensure the proper digestion of food and elimination of wastes via the bowel.
Eucalyptus: A refreshing, uplifting and detoxifying ingredient, it eases sore throats and helps with Sinus.

Australian Made | Vegan friendly | Organic Ingredients | Caffeine Free

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